review and evaluate the four sites listed below and write a short, no more than 3 pages, review paper of the sites

1. What kind(s) of information is on the site? What can you learn about Michigan’s
history from the sites? What obvious omissions are there?
2. Who made the site? Is there a single author?
3. Are there citations? i.e. do they tell you where information is coming from?
4. How easy is the website to navigate? If it’s not, why not. Explain.
5. Do not stop after the first page or the landing page. Explore the entire website, or as
much as you can, and evaluate it.

The websites to review and evaluate are:
• (it may be beneficial to scroll to
“External Links” and see where the Wikifolk got some of their information)
• (use search term: History of Michigan)
In your conclusion, I expect a critical evaluation of the sites you have chosen. What did you
think of them and why? Are they good, helpful sites? Yes or no, you have to explain why.