What are the categories for the job opportunities listed on this Web site? Choose a category and find a job that would be of interest to you. Describe the job, where it is located and why it appeals to you.

Cool Works (Links to an external site.)® is about finding a seasonal job, internship, or career in some of the greatest places on earth. Ski resorts, ranches, themes parks, tour companies, and National Park jobs are featured. After visiting Cool Works (Links to an external site.), what are some of the services that stood out to you? What types of internship and volunteer opportunities are featured? Would you find this site helpful in finding an internship or career? Why or why not?
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The whole website stood out to me. I have never heard of Cool Works before and as a person who enjoys the outdoors this is something I’ve saved to my bookmarks. I skimmed through the site and there’s a little bit of everything for anyone who loves being outdoors. There’s jobs that involving fishing, golfing, working on a farm, or you can go to a secluded area in campgrounds. I personally wouldn’t use this exclusively but this is definitely something that intrigues me and it never hurts to just submit your resume in hopes of someone taking a bite. It’s definitely attractive to the eye with the pictures they choose displaying the working area that you could be a part of. It’s a sort of call to action where potential applicants are browsing the listings and seeing something they like causing them to want to apply. It’s definitely got me interested and who knows, maybe one of these beautiful places takes me.

2.Gaining real-world insight and experience is a meaningful way to help round out your college experience and prepare you for your first role in the tourism and hospitality world. Below are four programs offered to students currently enrolled in college and for those that are about to or have recently graduated from college. Take a look at a couple of sites and see what types of opportunities exist. What types of programs interest you and why? What do you expect to gain from one of these experiences?

Do you know of other tourism or hospitality organizations that offer college programs? If you do, share them here with the class.

Caesar’s Entertainment College Programs (Links to an external site.)
Disney College Programs (Links to an external site.)
Marriott University Programs (Links to an external site.)
MGM Resorts International College Programs

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Growing up I always looked at the Disney company as being the peak of hospitality. The parks are always maintained and kept to a standard in regards to cleanliness. Every cast member is expected to display kindness and go above and beyond so that their guest can recall on these good interactions which in turn brings them back to spend more. At least that’s what my boss told me when I used to work for Disneyland a few years ago. What I gained from my time there was the emphasis of teamwork and better communication skills that I’m very grateful to have nowadays. I used to think that most of the interactions wasn’t genuine but that wasn’t the case with a overwhelming majority of my coworkers. They were truly in love with the brand and what it stood for which brought an unmatched energy to a few that stood out to me. The benefits for being an employee were great and they really do take care of their workers. Although I’ve never done the Disney college program, I would be safe to assume that they would run the program with the same goals they have for regular cast members in hopes that they come and apply for a position in the future with the company. Plus you get to tell your younger siblings that your coworker is their favorite Disney character so that’s always fun. If I needed another internship I would most likely choose to apply for Disney again since there’s a bigger emphasis on creating meaningful interactions with the guest as opposed to the other programs listed from major hotel chains.

3.The World Travel & Tourism Council (Links to an external site.)(WTTC) is the global business leaders’ forum for travel and tourism. Its members are chief executives from all sectors of the travel and tourism industry, including accommodations, catering, cruises, entertainment, recreation, transportation and travel‑related services. Its central goal is to work with governments to realize the full economic impact of the world’s largest generator of wealth and jobs—travel and tourism.

Visit the WTTC website and review the two articles below. With travel and tourism growing, what does 2022 look like for the industry and how can we address staffing shortages which are impacting the industry? What else did you find interesting or useful from the WTTC site?

Staffing Shortages (Links to an external site.)
2022 Travel and Tourism

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What seemed as bleak and uncertain the past 2 years, travel is starting to pick up but not to the numbers they were 4 years ago at its peak. With restrictions in regards to international flights being lifted and countries willing to let others in requires that the work force for airlines & hotels must keep up with the demand. Those who were unable to work in the hospitality should be retrained and give opportunities to learn new skills just as how Singapore is doing at their airlines. The “Sustainable Growth” tab is something you don’t expect to see being shed a light on unless they were an organization solely dedicated to it. It’s informative and shows the different aspects of the environment that could potentially be harmed in the long run. It’s a conscious effort to be mindful of our surroundings and how we treat it.

4.Site Name: Hospitality NetLinks to an external site.

Hospitality Net is the leading hospitality industry resource on the Internet with information on employment opportunities, events, industry news, links to other sites etc.

What are the categories for the job opportunities listed on this Web site? Choose a category and find a job that would be of interest to you. Describe the job, where it is located and why it appeals to you.

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