What is the overall idea of the resource and how does it relate to what we are studying?

Follow these instructions for each of the STEM Resource & Teaching Reflection essays.
1. Resource Selection: Unit Readings and Resources Section
o Read all the unit resources and visit all the assigned website links
before you make your selection.
o, select one (1) resource to explore and write your reflective essay. Provide the citation
for the resource in APA 7 format.
o What is the overall idea of the resource and how does it relate to what we
are studying? Summarize in your own words the overall idea and/or main
point of the resource. Discuss how the resource idea and/or main point
relate to the STEM topic(s) we are currently studying. Example: How does
it relate to the unit of science, technology, engineering, or math depending
on which week you are responding to?
o What clicked for you from this resource and how does what you learned to connect to other resources? Describe one important idea, strategy, or
technique that you may use in the classroom or in the future. In what way will
this idea, strategy, or technique help you connect the STEM domain to a
world view of daily life issues for your students? Make a connection to
another resource that you read from this unit or a previous unit. Make sure
to properly cite this other resource.
o How has this resource changed your thinking? Be specific about your
thoughts prior to this reading and what caused that “aha!” moment of
• Each essay should include the four bullets and your answers underneath each.
• Submit each essay as a Word document in APA 7 format with Title Page and
Reference Page.
• Each essay should be a minimum of two (2) pages, excluding the Title and
Reference pages