Agency Group Proposal on psychoeducation for adolescents

TOPIC: Psychoeducation group for adolescents
Group proposal
Individual Group Proposal Paper This assignment is completed by each student
and is composed of 2 components completed over the first 9 Sessions of the coursed:
An annotated bibliography and a formal group proposal.
Facilitation Role Play.
Annotated Bibliography
Each student will develop an annotative bibliography to be used in the
construction of their final group proposal that will include articles on the
extent/prevalence of and articles on evidence-based group interventions for the
identified issue.
o References Needed: Two chapters from the Handbook of Social Work with
Groups which is expected to be the primary source for the determination of
the type of group, the theoretical underpinning of the group, and issues related
to the population being served. In addition, the Annotative Bibliography is to
include 4 peer reviewed scholarly journal articles and a website reference
Students are to use correct Annotated Bibliography format from the Seventh
Edition of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association.

Student is to prepare the proposal as if the student is submitting it to supervisory
management for the agency (ideally at internship) where there has been an
identified need for the group and where it will be conducted.
The following are components of the complete Group Proposal:
Discussion on leadership of groups – each student will complete an
overview of leadership in groups and present the type of leadership needed for
the specific group in the group proposal. This section will note the other types
of group leadership and include sources (5 points)
A. Cover Letter: to management of the chosen agency.
Develop a cover letter on agency letterhead, which defines the need for the
group and how it will improve services. This will be written in business style
emphasizing the importance of the group and its cost/benefit to the target
population. The recipient of the letter will be someone in the management
team of the agency.
B. Proposal: the actual proposal of your group
1. Executive Summary
2. Introduction to Agency Service Need
a. Brief descriiption of agency including an overview of services and
populations served.
b. Describe the issue, identified with your field supervisor, facing the
agency which your group will address.
i. Report agency data documenting the need
c. Describe the agency client population to be served.
i. Report agency data on size of identified population
3. Literature Review
a. Examine the prevalence and extent of the identified issue in the
general population
b. Identify evidence-based group interventions for the identified issue
c. Explore which evidence-based group interventions have been
tested on your specific target population
4. Selection of evidence-based group Intervention
a. Which specific evidence-based group will be developed and why.
b. What is the theoretical basis for the group?
c. What are the specific goals/outcomes of this group?
Dominican University School of Social Work
SWK 550: Social Work Practice with
Spring 2022

d. Provide a brief outline of the sessions describing content, activities
5. Forming Group membership
a. How will potential group members be identified/referred?
b. Are the members voluntary or involuntary members?
c. If it is a mandatory group, what special consideration must you
d. What screening and selection procedures will be used?
e. What is your rationale for using these particular procedures?
f. Attach forms for intake, confidentiality etc.
6. Describe the logistics for the Group:
a. Meeting time,
b. Frequency of the meetings,
c. Duration of the group- Will it be long term or short term?
d. Is the group open or closed?
7. Group Leadership:
a. Describe style of leadership required for the proposed group
b. Describe specific facilitator qualifications for your proposed group
8. Evaluation Processes:
a. Develop an evaluation that tests the effectiveness of the group in
meeting each of the goals of the group.
b. Provide evidence-based assessment tools
9. Reference page: in APA format (7th Ed)