Analytic Film

The paper will include how sociological theories/concepts are reflected in the film. You are to watch ANY film and apply the three main sociological theories. You are encouraged to provide examples of any other concepts/theories we have discussed throughout the course is strongly recommended.
Your paper should include:
Provide a one-paragraph summary of the film.
The introduction should not be longer than half a page. Points will be deducted for a summary longer than half a page.
Provide analysis and application of each of the three main sociological theories
In your own words, define Conflict Theory, Functionalism, and Symbolic Interactionism
Be sure to provide relevant examples of each theory from the film.
Be advised that your paper should be between 3 to 4 pages, 12-size font, and double-spaced. Please be sure to submit an online file of this assignment on our class Canvas page on the due date. No late papers will be accepted. Please do not email this assignment. You must proofread your assignment. This assignment must be completed in either APA or MLA format. Assignments lacking correct essay format will result in a letter grade deduction. Examples for essay formats can be found at (Links to an external site.)
***Your Analytic Film Paper is worth 300 points. Your work will be assessed based on the following criteria:
(1) Summary of your film
(2) analysis and application quality
(3) writing mechanics (including the length requirement)
(4) media suitability to specific topic & course more generally