Are there any other clubs, organizations, or competitive sports that you are interested in?

This question poped up on my transfer applicstion to Lasell University and I want to answer it the best way possible. They’re are 4 clubs/organization that stood out to me. As an African american and first generation U.S citizen student majoring in Hospitality management the clubs that interested me were Hospitality Management Association, Lasell Black students Association, Deca, and she’s Shes’s the first. Below I have brief summaries of the clubs.
DECA:DECA is one of the largest organizations in the U.S., boasting collegiate membership of more than 6,000 students and over 200 colleges. DECA is dedicated to preparing emerging leaders for successful careers in a variety of industries, including fashion, business, hospitality, and communications.
Hospitality Management Association: The Hospitality Management Association is a student-run organization designed to bridge the gap between student life and the professional world. The Association provides industry knowledge, enriching experiences, and abundant networking opportunities, while actively giving back to the community.
She’s the first: She’s The First is an international non-profit that aims to raise money for educational scholarships to support girls in developing countries who are the first in their families to graduate high school. The organization uses local chapters in high schools and colleges to increase awareness and support scholars while equipping the members and girls with tools to become active, conscious, global citizens.
Lasell Black student Association: Aimed to promote unity among black students on campus through social and cultural events.