Azara Santiago-Rivera,

Azara Santiago-Rivera, PhD

Must develop a presentation on Microsoft PowerPoint. PLEASE, enable editing so that I can make changes. DO NOT LABEL SLIDES WITH QUESTIONS OR ROMAN #’s.

You must use proper judgment on the style and format of your PowerPoint slides. You are
encouraged to be creative and flexible. Regardless of what you elect to do, please remember
to be professional and to use appropriate judgment when making decisions on pictures,
background, color scheme, style, etc.
o Presentation must address the required information/prompts below.
o You presentation slides should be free of spelling errors, should be easy to read, should be
consistent throughout should be formatted properly and should be organized properly to be
able to determine that you have covered the outline below.

Name and ethnic/cultural background?
o Expound and provide context on family and/or personal history as much
as possible
III. Are they alive or deceased?
o If deceased, please provide their years of life
o Regardless if alive or deceased, provide the following info:
o Their educational background and training?
o Did they receive any specialized training?
o Have they received any relevant awards
o Do they possess any special/meaningful credentials or
o Where have they worked? What titles have they held?
IV. How have they contributed to the field of psychology?
o Accomplishments, initiatives, leadership positions held, and any other
interesting details.
V. Have a summary and conclusion slide that ends your presentation and ties things
up neatly