Business Selection and Research Summary

Assignment Content

-Select a prominent business you are interested in and would like to research.

Important: The business you select will be the focus business you will use throughout the weekly assignments in this course.

-Imagine you are a brand or product manager for a prominent business. You and your marketing staff have been tasked with selecting a target market to market your product or service. You must direct your staff to effectively determine the brand’s positioning.

-Develop a summary for your selected business that includes the following:
*The business name and descriiption
*An assessment of the brand’s positioning
*Proposed marketing staff positions and duties
*An assessment of different segments that might exist in the company’s target market
*Details of customers and potential customers who represent the company’s market segment and how you plan to analyze their behavior
*A SWOT analysis on your focus business and its competition

-Write your summary in a 350-word Microsoft Word document.