Creating Disruption ( Strategy )

The admissions essays are a key part of your application and will help
the Admissions Committee better understand you.
Some questions you may choose to answer in this essay include:

Briefly describe a significant
problem that you have encountered in your own business experience that has been
difficult to solve. (Focus
especially on the quantitative result and methodology that you want to use)
What are some of your guesses for
what that solution might be?
What is
the relevant, significant business problem you would you like to solve with
your research?
What kinds
of quantitative data might you explore in search of a solution?
What would
you do if you discovered that your proposed solution did not effectively
address the problem?

This is an heavily quantitative program. Make sure that your business
proposal shows that.

Creating Disruption
Creating Disruption highlights the strategies that anticipate, shape, and react to changes in national and international markets. What local or global events, technologies, regulations or scenarios enable or trigger a new strategy? How well do specific strategies and business models perform, particularly in multinational environments? How can strategies that are successful in one market be leveraged in another that is distinctly different?
In addition, please find some questions that could help further refine your problem direction.
Does it fit under the Transforming Behaviour and/or the Creating Disruption brief?
Is it impactful? If so, locally or globally?
What might be the impact of the solution?
Is it something you can solve through quantifiable research or would it require qualitative research? (Knowing we do not do qualitative research)
Is it something you are passionate about?
Is it something you feel others would be excited about?
How will you explore this?
What tools/techniques?
Who is the audience?
Why is it important?