Cultural Competency in Health Care

In the United States, many divisions of medicine will provide forgiveness of student loans for those who will select to work for at least 2 years at one of the sites of the Indian Health Program (for those of you who were fans of the show, this opportunity was the basis for the 1990 US comedy Northern Exposure). You can visit the link below for more information on this program.

Provide a substantial response to each of the questions below.

1. For many who chose this option, the financial gain may be the main motivating factor. How might this affect their acceptance into what may be a very new cultural environment?
2. What are some ways that this new health professional could better connect with the community in this new environment?
3. What long-term effects (positive and negative) could these types of loan repayment programs have on both the Native American community and the new healthcare graduates?

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