Data in Popular Culture

Watch the film Moneyball directed by Bennett Miller (
Please rent this movie on YouTube for $3.99 (plus tax), then provide me the proof of your renting it, and I will re-pay you $4.34 later.
Please you must watch the movie before writing. This is extremely important.
Consider the ways in which big data impacted how the Oakland A’s made some operational choices for their business.
Then, think about how a similar approach could be applied to the field of marketing.
Identify another film, TV show, or other popular culture entertainment and looks at how data impacts marketing choices that you will watch and analyze. (This is important too and it’s worth 20 pts/100 pts total)
Write a 1000 to 1500 word reflection paper where you will share your thoughts on how your selection comments on what we are learning in class.
Is it an accurate presentation, or exaggerated for entertainment purposes?
What data points are discussed, and are they the best choices for the situation?
What might realistically happen in the real world, or what choices might you advocate for the particular situation you are writing about?
Much of this paper is speculative, and the professor will not grade heavily on your opinions. Rather, the professor will consider your ability to take ideas from your selected pop culture entertainment, Moneyball, and at least one other external source related to the field of marketing; then synthesize the material into evidence supporting your original thoughts.
Include a title page and state your name, the assignment title, the date composed, and must at least 1000 words.
All sources must be cited in a professional manner to earn credit.
Understanding of related concepts: 25 pts
Critical thinking skills: 25 pts
Writing style and tone: 10 pts
Formatting and presentation: 10 pts
Use of sourced materials: 10 pts
Second Movie Summarized from Data Measurement View: 20 pts