Did you encounter any issues in this class or personally that made it more difficult to earn your goal grade?

For your last assignment complete this proposition: “I Should get a _________ (grade) in this class!”

You have read about LD in the text, reviewed LD debate material in discussion, completed analysis of LD debate in flowchart form and engaged in your own LD debate. For the last time this course, you will create an LD debate. Specifically, your argument MUST contain a VALUE. You must also include as you should in any complete and logical argument, evidence to support your claim. This evidence should come in the form of credible sources, reserach, statistics, facts, etc. Your argument should NOT rest solely on your opinion. In this last assignment you will argue for the grade you think you should get in this class. A good argument may use as proof the syllabus, assignments completed, grades earned, and evidence that you have achieved the student learning objectives as listed in the syllabus. Do not forget however to include explanation necessary to refute arguments to the contrary. Is your grade lower than you would like? Did you miss any assignments? Did you encounter any issues in this class or personally that made it more difficult to earn your goal grade? Review as well, the Toulmin model in which we discussed the concept of modality to determine whether or not any remaining assignments might affect the effectiveness of your argument, mainly, your cumulative final exam.

There is NO minimum page count for this assignment. You do NOT need to upload a video only a text. It is expected that you complete a clear and logical, well supported argument to prove your case. What grade do you think you should get in this class? Why? Prove it!

LD: I Should get a _______ in this class!

I affirm the resolution that I should get an ‘A’ in the class. My value today is consistency.
Consistency is defined as displaying a conformity to profession, character, custom, or belief.
The question being asked in this resolution is what grade I believe I deserve in class and
why i deserve it. I believe to prove why I deserve an ‘A’ in class, I must show how consistent
I have been throughout the semester through my coursework and exams. The purpose of
grades is to demonstrate our progress in terms of performance in the classroom. While we
can argue our way into receiving extra points on an exam or homework, ultimately, the
entire coursework and exams will play a significant part in determining our grade. I will
prove why I deserve an ‘A’ in class through this debate and show why consistency is very
important in receiving a good grade.

Observation 1: Resolution Analysis

The resolutions asks me what grade I deserve in class and why? I say the consistency of the
grades I have received in my coursework and exams in themselves prove the grade I
deserve. I could not in good conscience claim that I deserve an ‘A’ in the class if my grades
in class proved otherwise. Grades are a reflection of how consistent our work has been and
outside of that, there really isn’t much to prove why we received a certain grade. If a
musician, for example does not rehearse for a performance and is booed off stage, does that
mean they are a bad musician? Not necessarily, but it does justify why they were booed off
in that particular show. Thus, to prove why I deserve a certain grade, I must produce the
kind of work that is equivalent to the grade I believe I deserve.

Contention 1: Grades are contingent upon the consistency of coursework and exams.

Subpoint A: Coursework in class helps us retain information received in class. In many
cases, so much information is given on a given subject and it is extremely difficult to retain
all of it so homework and classwork highlight the important information that will be useful
to us moving forward in class. In my case, the discussions in this class were useful in
approaching arguments differently. Some of my peers had different views and opinions as I
did and acknowledging those differences and having healthy debates made critical thinking
fun and enjoyable. In all of the discussions we have had, I have received full credit for my
answers and participation. While this alone does not prove why I deserve an ‘A’ it does
prove that I have shown consistency in my coursework.
Subpoint B: Quizzes and exams are a way to prove that we have retained the information
necessary for the class and that we have actually understood the material. Could I say I
deserve an ‘A’ in the class if I can’t demonstrate that I have understood the material at an
adequate level? The total amount of points I could have earned from the quizzes and
midterm exam were 140 points. I have currently earned 131 which means that I have only
lost nine points throughout the semester. I believe this proves that I have understood the
material by consistently getting good grades in my quizzes/exams. Granted, I still have this
assignment and the final exam that makeup another 200 points but I believe I have
prepared enough to pass my exam and potentially get a good grade on this debate. My
overall grade in this class at the moment stands at a 94.12%: an ‘A.’

Contention 2: I am applying to transfer despite many setbacks in life.
Subpoint: Although I do not wish for sympathy, I do believe my struggles as a student
deserve praise for my tenacity and perseverance. Working full-time and being a full-time
student has been very challenging. However, with the workload that I have on my plate on
a daily basis, I have kept a GPA of 3.72. This was done through consistent studying and
time-management. I knew that if I wanted to receive an education and still pay my bills, I
would need to sacrifice time somewhere else. This meant I could not practice my piano and
my guitar as much as I would like to which also meant I had no time to play at paid gigs
which hindered how much money I received a month. According to the Bureau of Labor
statistics, students working less than 20 hours a week had an average GPA of 3.13.
However, a student working more than 20 hours a week had an average GPA of 2.95.
Through these statistics, I believe I have proven that keeping my work consistent and
thorough while sacrificing some areas of my life have greatly proven that I am dedicated
and committed student. I am not a perfect student but I believe that in this class, I deserve
an ‘A.’ I do agree that not receiving an ‘A’ in class does not mean I am a bad student but I
want to work hard to prove that I am good student and I hope the universities I have
applied to also see that. Consistent hard work definitely pays off.