Global Research Project Form

the “Global Research Project” PDF to conduct research on your
country. You have two options
in submitting this assignment (pick one):
1. Simply indicate your responses to the research questions in the
“typeform” space provided in the pdf-file. *Remember to click
“the save button” frequently to ensure all your
responses are recorded and saved. Then upload the PDF (with the saved research).
2. If you are not able to use the PDF “typeform” you may create a
“Word Document”
that addresses the exact research questions. You must write each question
and then provide the response(s) below the question. Be
creative if you use this option. You have the autonomy to add
pictures and graphs and utilize innovative formating and
structure. Then convert the word document to a PDF document and upload
via submission portal (with the saved research). Microsoft word should have an
easy method built-in to convert files. *If you are not sure how to proceed, you
can click here (Links to an external site.) to
convert files online.