implementing Business process Reengineering in company

The report must have an account of the work done thus far on the analysis and reengineering endeavor at any
company such as Order Cycle process of selling FMCG (consumer goods) when a retailer or Key Account customers
wants to buy from your products they must go through Long Order Cycle process, the report should be in Detailed
and comprehensive analysis of the process of approving the main problem being the amount of unnecessary
communication steps hindering the time taken to put the process in action.
By implementing Business Process Reengineering
Must inclouds problem statement, technicality solution and appendix (figurs such as uploaded files
reports) after reengineering the process and eliminating the steps to make the cycle shorter in time.

It’s a philosophy report that you have to apply BPR which suggest to remove or add steps that could safe time and value exactly more than %500

For Example: I am a producer company and I have many Key account customers who are purchasing my items, when they wants to purchase I have to place an order for them this Order Cycle is taking a full day to place the order successfully ( because many steps are in the cycle such as checking products availability, active or not active item, truck
sizing, Customer Credit limit, invoicing, etc. till the order placed successfully