Kant’s theory faces the problem of conflicting duties. Consider these two duties : never tell a lie and avoid harming someone. What if telling the truth were to harm someone? How might we best respond to this conflict. Give reasons to support your answer.

There are 5 boxes
below. The one titled “Main Argument” is for you to present your main
argument in response to the question. The one titled “Rebuttal” is
for you to present a possible rebuttal to the main argument you presented. The
final one, titled “Counter-Argument” is for you to present a
counter-argument to the rebuttal that will serve to defend your initial position
(main argument) against the rebuttal. There are two sections at the end: one
called “Poster Citations” for you to cite the sources (eg:
quotes/examples/ideas/arguments etc) you have used in the poster and the
other, called a “Bibliography” to cite all the materials you have used
and consulted. Please use the APA style for referencing.