Media Literacy

This is the topic- Media Literacy – the Internet was intended to provide us with unfettered access to information. One perspective might be that the reality is that the Internet has become a barrier to that exact thing that it was intended to give us. The ability of almost anyone to create web pages that seem like genuine sources of news and other information has created a confusing chaos of options. The traditional or mainstream media outlets such as ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, CNN, Reuters, BBC-News (and the list goes on) have given us some comfortable places to believe that the news we are receiving is accurate, objective, and without subterfuge. For this topic, think about how well people in the 21st Century can access objective and accurate news using their skills at identifying media bias, corporate influences, and other forces that slant the news in one particular directionor another. Do not merely complain about the problem. Think about causes of people’s failures or successes at being literate as a consumer of the news or potential solutions to the issues you or others identify about this issue in our culture.

Requirements- Evidence from two credible academic sources.