Mock Interview

Using an actual job listing from a company in your area of interest, you will create a job application letter and a resume. For the assignment, you will choose where you will apply, conduct minimal research regarding your target company, and analyze your own capabilities and assets. Then you will write a letter of application and a resume. You will submit the resume and letter for grading, along with a copy of the actual job listing (either in screen capture JPG format, or web site address).
Cover Letter (Or Letter of Intent/Letter of Application) – 10 Points
In a single page, you will write a letter of application (also known as a cover letter) for a job. Please follow proper business formatting, as outlined below. Also, you are required to turn in a copy of the job ad and/or position for which you are applying. The letter is your first and maybe only chance to make a good impression, so be sure to provide all the most important details. Using the information found in the job ad, target your letter specifically to that company and that position. You should also design a professional-looking letterhead using fonts of your choice. You may start with the template included, but personalize it to match your own style, as well as that which is to be expected of the job.
Margins are 1” or 1?“
Full-block style (all paragraphs and lines begin flush left, except letterhead)
Blank line between each paragraph
Font should be Times New Roman 12pt (except for your name in the letterhead)
Your name and address (letterhead)
Date Name, title, and address of recipient
Salutation Introductory paragraph
Body of letter
Conclusion (asking for an interview)
Complimentary close (“Sincerely,” followed by 3 blank lines)
Signature and typed name
Resume – 10 Points
In a single page, you will create a resume appropriate for the specific job for which you are applying. Please follow the structure as provided in the template, but feel free to adjust it as you see fit.
When creating this resume, think of what you want the employer to learn about you in under five seconds. Look at the organization, the appearance, and the information to determine whether the document you have created represents you at your best. You may use a different font besides 12-pt Times New Roman for the body of the resume, but do not use more than two styles of fonts—one for headings, and one for text. You must use parallel grammatical construction for all lists and bullet items. Make sure it is in third-person, and connects past experience and education to the job you are applying for.
Job Interview Questions
In addition to the resume and cover letter, you will also submit a list of 15 open-ended questions you would expect to answer in a job interview for the posting you shared. You will research what are typical job interview questions, specifically for your chosen field. These questions will be used in the audio or video recording of the mock job interview.