organizational assessment

The Organizational Assessment is to be an evaluation of a business, organization, workplace
You can choose an organization you have worked for previously or any organization that is willing to allow you to evaluate them.
Your detailed assessment is based upon several factors:
management and leadership style,
power and politics,
structure and design.
In addition, include
an introduction,
identification of the strengths and weaknesses from an organizational behavior perspective,
and integration of a Christian worldview.
Include information from the textbook to help substantiate your thinking and cite it properly to avoid plagiarism. Provide clear concise answers, free of grammatical or spelling errors.
To help you, a template is provided below. Also, review the rubric for the organizational assessment to see exactly how your paper is score, and the order in which you should submit it.

Chooese whatver organization
, submit the name of the organization you will be using for this paper. Please have contacted the appropriate personnel, requested permission, and received approval BEFORE you indicate the organization is willing.