Persuasive Speech

Length: 5-7 minutes
Visual aid required
Outline (using template) required
Five credible sources cited in text, orally and MLA works cited
Five video peer responses
TOPIC CHOICE: Persuasive speeches convince us of something. You get to choose your topic. You can pick your own topic. Choose something you would like to educate us about – it can be something you already know or something you want to learn. Pick something that will be interesting for the audience. Technical speeches about your workplace do not tend to be interesting because they are not relevant to a general audience. Similarly, speeches about casual hobbies may be too superficial to fulfill the depth of research needed for a collegiate level speech. Some persuasive topics are so “out there” that you cannot find credible research for them – in this case, pick another topic. You can email me to see if your topic idea is a good fit for this assignment.
RUBRIC: The grading rubric in Blackboard can be viewed in advance.
VISUAL AID AND OUTLINE: Follow the template closely when writing your speech and organize it according to that design. If your outline is correct, your speech will be delivered properly since the outline walks you through what I expect. Upload your visual aid and outline before uploading your speech. The visual aid will not be screened during the speech. Just refer to it verbally (“Please look at my second slide now and you’ll see the chart which explains…”). You must have at least one slide. Quality is more important than quantity. The visual aid must be in Power Point.