Professional Nursing Organization Paper

Conduct an Internet search on 5 professional nursing organizations. Prepare a professional paper to introduce your peers to these organizations and inform your audiences on the value of professional organizations. Prepare to appraise your peers’ presentations.

In the paper, please report on the following:

1. Purpose or stated mission/goal of each organization.
2. Membership requirements.
3. Available resources available to both members & non-members.
3. Nursing population targeted by the organization (for example: educators, Med-Surg nurses, Psychiatric nurses, Pediatric nurses, etc.).
4. Any advocacy groups supported by the organization, and associated publication(s).
5. Any topics or unique offerings you wish to include for each organization.
An analysis of how each organization could potentially enhance your entry and support you as you enter the nursing profession (if the organization does not appeal to you, please report providing a rationale).