Reflective Essay: Forced Connections

Try the Forced Connections tool when you are working alone and stuck for creative business ideas to find solutions be creative and intentional. Look around the room for objects that can be used to force a connection and generate new ideas. Remember to use the divergent guidelines in the text (Chapter 8 and 9) . Write a reflective essay that explains the problem and how the Forced Connections process worked for you. Be specific about the objects you used to force connections using. Define terms.
Submission Requirements
Your main essay should be 300-500 words.
APA (7th edition) citations with page number and reference page is required.
· At least 4 citations from Creative Leadership
Readings -PDF allows for searchable mode
Creative Leadership: Ch. 8, 9 Forced Connections tool and divergent guidelines
Creative Leadership: Ch. 6, 7 can also be used for divergent thinking principles*8
Puccio, G. J., Mance, M., & Murdock, M. C. (2011). Creative leadership: Skills that drive change (2nd ed.). Los Angeles, CA: SAGE.