Social Scientific Thinking

Read chapter 1 from Hoover & Donovan (titled: The Elements of Social Scientific Thinking) – pages 1-9
read chapter 1 from Babbie (titled ‘Human Inquiry and Science’)
Read chapter 1 from Bhattacherjee (titled ‘Science and Scientific Research’)
In at least two or more complete and comprehensive paragraphs (which means it should be minimum of 2 paragraphs but preferably more than 2), answer the following question. Your answer should be clear, concise, formal/academic writing, well-thought-out and related to the readings.

Answer this question in an essay format:

The readings focus on the distinction between social scientific thinking and knowledge compared with intuition, custom and non-scientific thinking. Explain how social scientific thinking and knowledge is more powerful than other forms of knowledge (such as intuition or custom). Explain each clearly. Then compare and contrast the difference.