“The Birds” Body of a Critical Essay

This assignment is for a film class.
Assignment Instructions: Write only the body of an essay- 3 paragraphs- using one of the approaches to film criticism. – Chapter 4 of the textbook I am attaching (beginning of page 52) lays out the 6 approaches to film criticism. The Module 5 Course Notes also mention the 6 possible choices- at the end in the “Methodology” section. You only need to write about one and relate it to The Birds in a critical essay. The detailed instructions will be attached in “Practice Workshop 5”
Write the body of an essay that utilizes the approach you have selected and the research for an essay on The Birds. DO NOT write the intro and conclusion. Your thesis should be clear to your reader from the evidence you present.
Remember that in a critical essay, each paragraph should present information (research
summary, textual evidence, etc) that supports a single thesis
I am attaching a free film link to the movie if you have not already seen it. In addition, I am attaching the link to a website with information about the film. It will be difficult to complete this assignment if you do not have knowledge of Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds
https://www.filmsite.org/bird.html Film information
https://movies2watch.tv/watch-movie/watch-the-birds-hd-17559.5301238 Free movie link
https://scholar.google.com/) You can use Google Scholar to research The Birds