What are possible mental models that perpetuate these patterns?

I am currently working on a Change Initiative within a school and am supposed to analyze the change through the GFour Frames of Organizational Leadership by Warner Burke.

I attached my first paper to use as a reference and it must be completed in APA 6th format.

Here are the criteria from the professor:

“In preparation for your final paper, you will analyze your organizational situation, as it relates to your identified change initiative, through each of the four frames: structural, human resource, symbolic, and political. These initial analyses will help you understand the situation more clearly and provide the foundation for your proposed change and implementation plan. Each analysis should be approximately 5 pages and follow APA formatting guidelines.

The Bolman & Deal text includes reflective questions for each frame that you will find very helpful! Use these questions to help focus your analysis!

PLEASE NOTE The iceberg model [Iceberg model.pdf Download Iceberg model.pdf], as discussed in our MEd program, may help you structure your analyses. Through each frame (structural, human resource, cultural/symbolic, political), what are the relevant trends (Behavior over Time Graphs)? What may be causing these trends (Causal loop diagrams)? What are possible mental models that perpetuate these patterns? You are not required to use the iceberg model. You may choose whether or not to include figures (Behavior over Time Graphs and Causal Loop Diagrams) in your discussion. The figures, if you include them, will not count towards your total pages.