What methods can be used to implement the process?

Competency 6
Compare and contrast between how the
Computerized provider order entry (CPOE), Clinical decision support system
(CDSS), and Electronic Health Record (EHR) promote patient safety. Give
three specific examples of how each promotes safety
A new provider has opened a practice
in the area and wishes to contract with Medicare and Medicaid to provide
care to local population. Explain how Meaningful Use will impact
requirements this provider will need to meet. What are the consequences of
the provider not meeting requirements?
Create a plan for implementing Bar
Code Medication Administration for a unit that has not previously had this
in place

Case Study

Western Hospital is
a 1000 bed hospital which serves a three-state area in the western US. It is
the only Level I trauma center for adults and children in the area and has a
hospital–based air-ambulance and a Level III neonatal intensive care unit. The
hospital launched a five-year strategic plan with a goal of a system-wide move
from mostly paper to an electronic health record. Phase I included
implementation of an HER system containing order entry for all laboratory,
radiology, and patient are orders. Additionally, clinical documentation was
implemented, including admission assessments and all nursing flow sheets. The
nursing informatics council, a 30-member group of nurses from all fields
developed the clinical content. The clinical content was custom built using
both free text and structured data entry fields within the application.

Three months after
going live with the system, hospital leadership us reporting that it is unable
to report on various state and federally mandated quality measures. These
measure and track healthcare quality based on national standards and are used
to plan ways to improve quality. Leadership has communicated that the reports
generated by the system are incomplete and are putting the hospital at
financial risk due to lower reimbursement rates.
Clinicians are
eager and excited to continue to develop content in the application. However,
the project’s program manager is proposing a stabilization and optimization
approach and does not want to go forward with content development until the
issue of reporting has been assessed and addressed.

Assuming that you are the clinical
content manager and lead all reporting efforts, what approach would you
take to address the reporting problem?
Preadmission testing data are
currently collected on paper. The chief of surgery has identified an
opportunity to have these data collected in the new EHR system by the
preadmission testing area in the outpatient setting. Many of the collected
data elements are shared with the current admission assessment. Describe
how that effort can be approached. What methods can be used to implement
the process?
Identify an area of quality
improvement in the hospital setting, develop a plan, and identify the
expected outcomes