What population does this intervention serve?

For this assignment you are to select an article from a peer-reviewed social work journal that presents a specific clinical intervention.
The article explains the theoretical framework and how the
intervention may be applied in a social work practice, including the
appropriate populations.
Use the following outline to organize the paper:

I. Introduction: Present the author(s) and the intervention described in the article. (1/2 page)

II. Description of the Intervention:
What is the intervention? Describe the technique, methods, and
underlying theory. What population does this intervention serve? Does
this intervention work with diverse populations? What is the clinical
problem(s) that this intervention addresses? How does a clinical social
worker implement this intervention? (3-4 pages)

III. Assessment: What
assessments does the author(s) suggest in determining the effectiveness
of this intervention? In other words, how do we know this intervention
helps the client? (1 page)

IV. Challenges: What are some of the challenges in implementing this intervention? (costs, time?) (1/2 page)

V. Conclusion: What
are your thoughts regarding this intervention? Identify 2 things you
learned from this article that will help you practice as a social
worker. (1 page).

***Upload a pdf file of the article for review before completing the assignment please

After article is approved assignment can be started.