Worldviews Essay and case study presentation

Students will complete a project presenting their resolution to a
case study in which worldviews are in conflict. Each student will
select a case study from the pre-approved list of cases below (all of
which may be found in the resource Case Studies in Missions
(Hiebert & Hebert), found on this class site). With their case study,
students will complete the following project components:
A. Worldview Case Study Essay – Students will compose a
short essay (MLA format, minimum of 4 double-spaced pages)
which accomplishes the following:
1. Identifies the problem,
2. Analyzes the problem to expose specific worldview
elements which are in opposition to each other,
3. Develops a “solution” in the form of what the student
believes to be a good course of action which would
move the case toward a resolution. In other words, what
would you do? Obviously, in real-world scenarios like
these there will be no “right” answers, so this
component of the project should include an explanation
of why the proposed solution should be considered a
good one.

B. Worldview Case Study Presentation – A written
presentation of the fruits of the student’s project will be
presented in this forum. Each presentation should be 250
words in length, touching briefly on parts A. 1 and A.2 above
but primarily focusing on the student’s proposed solution
given in A.3.