Discuss: the RAND health insurance experiment has demonstrated that the health insurance should optimally include cost sharing for all types of care.

and upload it at Exam (Aufgabenbaustein). If you have additional material, in particular figures, you must also upload them there.
Templates for the exam are available for Word and Open Office. If possible, use these templates. Here are the basic layout requirements:
Font: Calibri 11pt (alternatively Times New Roman)
Margins: Top, Left, Bottom: 2.5cm, Right: 5cm
Line spacing: 1.1
Recommended: Justified text (Blocksatz)
Your exam should look like this:
Title page
The title page starts with
“I hereby declare that I have written this exam independently and have not used further resources than the course material and those stated.”
State your complete name, your Matrikelnummer and the date to confirm this.
State the essays you chose followed by the numbers of words used, e.g.,
Essay answered
Number of words
Start a new page for each essay.
References: Cite the literature used after each essay. Citations do not belong to the word count. Lecture slides do not need be cited but all papers and other material.
Citation style: You can use the citation style from the lecture, e.g.,
Höhle, M. et al., 2011. Assessment of varicella vaccine effectiveness in Germany: a time-series approach. Epidemiology and Infection, 139(11), pp.1710–1719. https://doi.org /10.1017/s0950268810002815
Jack, W., 1999. Principles of Health Economics for Developing Countries, Washington, DC: The World Bank. Retrieved from http://documents.worldbank.org/curated/en/569351468765045048 /Principles-of-health-economics-for-developing-countries.
For each essay you can achieve a maximum of 15 points. With 15 points, you will pass the exam.
The following criteria will be applied in the assessment of essays:
Are the issues raised by the essay topic adequately addressed?
Does the approach reflect critical and independent thinking?
Are the relevant economic concepts used correctly?
Is the style clear, are spelling and punctuation correct?
Does the organization in paragraphs support the argument in a coherent way?
Focus on the topic and provide an argument-based discussion
Do not simply repeat the course material
Consider different angles on the problem
Come straight to the point and be concise. Avoid lengthy introductions or descriptions
If you use a figure or a table, discuss these in the text