Love and Christian Ethics

In what ways might particular convictions regarding love affect our concrete responses to
challenging moral situations? To what extent does the exercise of love require a commitment to
social justice? The case study paper assignment asks students to explore these questions by
identifying a specific contemporary case study and developing a response to this case study that
is informed by this semester’s readings and conversations concerning love.
***The case that I would like to study is racial
This paper is to be 4-6 double spaced pages, and should be written in 12-point font. Please
include the following sections:

1) Contemporary Moral Issue: Identify a contemporary moral issue or case that you find
particularly challenging to work through, and/or particularly appropriate to consider in
conversation with course readings on love. Describe this current situation in 1-2
paragraphs, drawing appropriately on at least 3 external sources and citing these sources
parenthetically or with footnotes. (Provide full citations of your sources in a Works Cited
section at the conclusion of the paper. The Works Cited section does not contribute to the
page limit.) ****For this section, I would like to focus on racial equality. Also trying to connect it with love. And the
attached article

2) Moral Questions: Articulate two moral questions that you believe to be of central
importance in assessing the ethics of this case. State each question and explain its
significance in a minimum of 3-5 sentences,

3) Moral Analysis: Discuss how each author informs your understanding of possible appropriate responses to this case. Use the article that Is attached and go into a deep analysis about Mannermaa and two kinds of love and connect it to the main topic which is
English (United States)

4. Reflections on Love and Justice: Based on your analysis in considering this current issue, do you personally think that the pursuit of social justice is an essential part of the exercise of love? Explain your reasoning in 1-2 paragraphs, and make note of at least one way that your reasoning and conclusions intersect with the attached pdf.