Psychology of Aging Concept Questions

Hello, this is for my psychology of aging class. Our references can not be older than 2019. Thank you very much .
What theories of aging are important to the field of professional psychology?
In consideration of the theories you learned about in the course readings, which one do you feel is most appropriate to the field of professional psychology & why?
Which physical age-related changes would you say have the most significant impact on the mental health of the older adult? Justify your answer.
Discuss at least two changes in the older adult’s family structure that occur as the result of, or are complicated by aging.
Discuss the pros and cons of retirement from the perspective of working with an older adult who is having difficulty deciding which course of action to take (retire vs. remaining in the workforce).
Describe how culture, ethnicity and/or sexual minority status can impact positive aging. How can the professional psychologist help?
Explore the role of individual differences in aging. Does personality truly play a role in successful aging?
Compare and contrast two neurocognitive disorders with an emphasis on the role of professional psychology in the treatment of these disorders. Incorporate psychopharmacology and counseling techniques, as applicable.