The Role of Vitamin D and The Aging Adult

This project should be at least 2 full pages in length. Project must double spaced at 12-font. Please attach the article (internet source) at the end of the review.

Questions to answer:
What is the direct significance and/or impact this topic has to the aging adult? Provide a summary of what the article is researched or is trying to convey to the reader.
Do you believe that the information provided in the article is misleading in any way?
Are there other factors that should be considered that the researcher and/or writer neglected to mention that may serve a role as it pertains to the subject matter?
Do you believe that if you gave a copy of this article to an elder to read that they would fully comprehend the information correctly based on the writing style that was utilized to convey the message?
If you were the researcher or writer involved in this article what would you do differently or beyond to address the subject matter?