What role do stakeholders play in the institution’s plan?

For this discussion, you will find the most recent Strategic Plan and FactBook (or FactSheet) for the institution of your choice. It can be an institution you work at, currently or formerly attended, or just a random institution you’re interested in learning more about (for those of you job searching soon, this may be a good way to start thinking about where and what type of institution you are seeking).
After reviewing both the Strategic Plan and FactBook, consider the following questions (not all need to be addressed, but they should get you thinking to write a brief, critical analysis of what you have reviewed):
What are the primary goals or emphasis areas for the institution? Is there mention of how the goals and plans will be assessed?
What role do stakeholders play in the institution’s plan? (students, faculty, staff, alumni, etc.)
Is there mention of fundraising or capital campaigns?
Are there connections between information presented in the Factbook or Factsheet and the institution’s goals and strategic plans?
Are institutional data easily accessible and readable for someone not familiar with the institution?
Any suggestions/constructive feedback? Would you want to work there based on what you’ve read?
This should be a brief and thorough discussion, 3-4 paragraphs, and include the direct URL links to the Strategic Plan and FactBook in your post so that others may view them if they want